Monday, September 25, 2006

Pete Teo and Ho Yu Hang

Pete Teo
and Ho Yu Hang were at Silverfish Books on the 23rd of September fresh back from the Venice Film Festival, a film festival regarded second only to the big one in Cannes. Most people don't realise how big a deal it is to have your film shown in competition in Venice. Ho Yu Hang, who wrote and directed the film, Rain Dogs, was boxing way above his weight catagory, in the words of Pete Teo, who also acts in the film.He says that Ho is a director to watch. "He will will go far." He commends the film maker's lyricism and power in story telling. "It is a beautiful film," he says. Anyway we will be able to find out soon enough. The film will hit the local circuits by the end of October - if the censors or other powers don't object, that is. (The film will be in competition in Pusan and Hong Kong, and will be an official selection in Toronto and Vancouver.)

Pete Teo did not quite launch his new album, Television, on Saturday but he talked about it, about writing it, and played some songs from it. While his previous album was dark and almost suicidal, he says he decided to move away from that theme for two reasons. Firstly, he didn't want to be stereotyped, and secondly he is in a much better mood these days! He says he doesn't like the pop song format (nor the industry) and prefers to write about what he sees happening around him. He lists the Middle East crisis and the Iraq war as major influnces on his latest venture, Television.

Pete Teo is without a doubt the most literate song writer in Malaysia. He may not be a Bob Dylan (yet), but a Paul Simon ...? I think so. Give his new album,
Television, a listen.

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