Monday, October 09, 2006

Farish A Noor at Silverfish Books on Saturday 28th Oct, 5.30 pm

Farish A Noor writes on The question of how 'progressive' ideas can be transmitted to Muslim societies today is a thorny one, as it raises many other related questions regarding the power relations both between the Western and Muslim worlds as well as the power relations within the Muslim world itself. At a time when Muslims the world over feel that the future of Muslim countries is under threat, and when conspiracy theories abound about the so-called 'concerted attempts' to undermine Islam from within and without, any attempt to work towards a radical re-thinking of Muslim norms, values and praxis is bound to solicit much controversy and suspicion, if not outright resistance and even violent reaction.

He says of his website: This site was set up by a number of Malaysian scholar-activists and volunteers with the simple aim of providing other sources of information for those who are interested in unearthing aspects of Malaysian history, politics and culture that have thus far been sidelined, marginalised or erased in the official historiography of the post-colonial state.

Farish A Noor will officially launch his website at Silverfish Books on Saturday 28th Oct 2006 at 5.30pm. Those who have attended his talks before know how eloquent a speaker he is. Do not miss this opportunity to meet and talk to Malaysia's top public intellectual.

Admission is free. But do RSVP Usha/Phek Chin, tel: 03-228 448 37, before Friday 27th Oct 2006 due to limited space.

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