Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Farish Noor - website launch - 28th Oct 06

Political scientist and activist Farish Noor spoke to another standing room only crowd (with no police presence) at Silverfish Books on the 28th of October. Also with him were Yusseri Yusoff and Mack Zulkifli who volunteered to help him put up the website:

Farish Noor made an impassioned plea to not let the real history of Malaysia be erased or marginalized. The website, which is funded entirely by him welcomes contribution from everyone … on issues of politics, religion, gender, culture, economics et. al… with the only condition being the writers take responsibility for what they write. No pseudonyms, and definitely no anonymous postings will be allowed.

This site was set up as a source of alternative information regarding the history of Malaysia. will therefore attempt to highlight aspects of Malaysia's past and present that have been systematically downplayed or relegated to the background of the national
(That's Farish Noor for you!)

He further adds: is committed to an academic culture that is free, open and democratic. Readers are encouraged to use the materials found in this site and all that we ask is that proper acknowledgement is given …

Visit the website and click here for a slideshow.

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