Thursday, March 01, 2007

Media launch of KLILF 2007

The Kuala Lumpur International Festival 2007KLILF 2007 (KLILF 2007) was officially launched today by Minister of Women, Welfare and Community Development, YB Dato' Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who is also the MP for Lembah Pantai, . The theme for this years event is "THE NATION AT 50."

This year's event will be held in Bangsar Baru, primarily at Bangsar Village from the 28th to 30th of March.

Several international writers and Malaysian writers have confirmed their attendance at the festival including Randa Abdel Fattah and Brian Castro (Australia), Benjamin Zephaniah (Britain), Goenawan Mohamad (Indonesia), Camilla Gibb (Canada), Eda Kriseova (Czech Republic), Elizabeth Smither (New Zealand), Word Forward Slam Poets (Singapore), Simithra Rahubadhe (Sri Lanka) and Tash Aw, Dina Zaman, Salleh ben Joned, Wong Phui Nam, Cecil Rajendra and Antares from Malaysia.

The organiser of the event have decided to extend early bird registration period to March 15th (from March 10th) because we have just printed the fliers andpostcards.

Watch a slidshow of the event here:

For information of registration and tentative program:


shehara said...

Interesting to note that Eda Kriseova is one of the participants.She was a close friend of Vaclav Havel one of the twentieth centuries greatest playwrites dissidents and political leaders, to be able to meet a close witness to one of the most iconic leaders of our age (however much she diefies him with adulation)is a treat in itself .
Michael Kaufmann has a review tittled "Once upon a time in Prague" in the New York times (OCT 24 1993)that gives a perspective of her book (he calls it a hagiography!!)
I googled some intersting background on other works by Ms Kriseova ;

"Principal works:
• Short story collections, including The Carriage Coachmanś Calvary, The Sundial, What Happened
• Novels including The Woman from Pompeii, Cat Lives, Misericordia, Perchta from Rosenberg or The White Lady
Non fiction: Václav Havel, The Autohorized Biography. Together with Petr Příhoda, Jiří Gruša and Josef Platz under the pseudonym František Jedermann: Verlorene Geschichte , das heutige Sudetenland. Jiří Gruša, Eda Kriseová, Petr Pithart.: Prag, Einst Stadt der Tschechen, Deutschen und Juden
Reviews and magazines articles In US and Germany . (: The Writing on the Wall, 1983, Description of a Struggle, 1994, Allskin and other Tales, 1998).
Some of her short stories are translated in norwegian, polish, japanese, swedish, bulgarien etc. . "

shehara said...

I am attaching a link to a article by an Australian author Brian Castro who will be at this Lit fest that raises seme issues on identity and disinheritance that I can relate to in parts, not in the context of Australia ,but rather as a Sri Lankan in self imposed exile who finds resonance in his thoughts on war and disinheretance..

There are some other interesting points-

" You see it often: the desire to become the family; to look like it, reproduce it, blindly. But you see this even more often: the yearning to become the host, resulting in the metamorphosis of immigrants into native informants. People who reinforce their subaltern status by trying to change their skins. "