Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tash Aw reading at Silverfish Books

Tash Aw, who will be in Kuala Lumpur in the first week of next month to launch his new book, Map of the Invisible World, in Malaysia is scheduled for a reading at  Silverfish Books on Sunday, 7th of June 2009 from 11.30am to 1.00pm. This event is a result of a request from Tash Aw who has specifically asked to read at Silverfish Books because he likes the type of people who come here, particularly those who will read his book and ask intelligent questions about it, not just about how much money he makes. So, do try and read his book book before you come so as not to let the side down. BTW  both the  hardback (RM85.00)  and  paperback (RM64.90) editions are now available in major bookstores.

I have, so far, only read three chapters, but I am already impressed by his steady, confident, no-drama style of prose. He's getting more and more like Ishiguro. I will ask him about it after his reading, during discussion period.


Fiona1 said...

Saw Tash last week in London for the book launch in Asia House with Kam Raslan leading the discussion. . It was mostly a local crowd with questions raised on how he come about the story( gave a fascinating insight on the beginnings of this book and why the Indonesia/Malaysia theme), would he consider himself as a diasporic writer, would he ever write a book set in london etc.
Malaysian readers would ask very different questions albeit interesting ones methinks.

SilverfishWriters said...

Well why don't you come over and see him agaim?

Fiona1 said...

Haha I would except I'm still stuck here in London!:)